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The Rich Getting Richer

You will find members of any prominent billionaire list either made their money in real estate in one way or another, preserving and growing their real estate wealth.

The Rich Getting Richer is a real notion in Singapore and property investment becomes a favourite route.  It works well for the majority and of late, it gets more and more tricky to be effective.  The best advantage of real estate is being a hard, tangible asset and it protects wealth. 

Never invest in a business you cannot understand

Warren Buffett

How We Could be Your Property Portfolio Partner?

Serious about building a proper property portfolio be it be your:

  • First home
  • First investment
  • Selling your home
  • Upgrade
  • Getting a series of properties

Let’s start off with a chat. Let us buy you a coffee (or tea) for a consultancy session and we take it from there.

Plan as Long as Possible

Building a property portfolio requires undertaking over a long period, it is not an overnight activity. Some property specialists exhort that you have to clutch your property for no less than seven to 10 years, to enjoy greatest profit by capital appreciation. Each situation is different and you have to monitor it. Typically the longer you keep your property or properties, you almost certain you'll have the capacity to ride out any downturns in the market cycle.

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How to Start?

One-and two- bedroom units make great starter investments. Look out for an area that is either simply starting to transform, or an area that is a hotspot for rental. The former offers possibly higher capital appreciation, however the latter may give better quick rental returns.

  1. Begin Young and Just Do It

The more youthful you are at the point you make that enormous move to purchase your first property, the happier you'll be later on.   Many of my clients (and even myself) always regretted and say “If only I had bought any property before”. This is especially prevalent to those who are close to retirement.

Take little steps as it doesn't occur within a short period. As equity, income and rental increase, you can take a gander at another speculation a few years later.

  1. Evaluate Your Borrowing Capacity

Each individual has a limit about what they can borrow based on their financial situation, expenses and assets. Consult a banker or mortgage specialist for an assessment so you will know the limits before hunting for a property. There are also many monetary rules that must be abide such as TDSR and the various taxes and expenses to consider.

Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed and there are risks involved in any property investment. It's vital that you do as much research as you can to reduce the danger of something unexpected occurring.

If your desired goals are:

  • To anchor your future retirement objectives in, maybe, 20 to 30 years' time
  • To gain comes back from a property portfolio that can beat the inflation rate
  • To make passive income from exceedingly trustworthy property resources or
  • To enhance and upgrade the lifestyle of yourself and your family in a sustainable way

Let's have a chat.


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