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The Rich Getting Richer

You will find members of any prominent billionaire list either made their money in real estate in one way or another, preserving and growing their real estate wealth.

The Rich Getting Richer is a real notion in Singapore and property investment becomes a favourite route.  It works well for the majority and of late, it gets more and more tricky to be effective.  The best advantage of real estate is being a hard, tangible asset and it protects wealth. 

Never invest in a business you cannot understand

Warren Buffett

How We Could be Your Property Portfolio Partner?

fundamental of Singapore Property

Start With Fundamental

To start off, we will bring you to look at the fundamentals of the property market and the latest market changes and how to go forward.   There has been so many distortions and noise and we help you to clear them.  It certain help that I graduated in Statistics from an Australian University and have acquired several professional marketing qualifications.

We need you to come with an open mind to be risk-averse investors and be prepared to embark on an action plan to reap good opportunities. 

property chart

Facts And Figures

We will provide you with our research, professional insights, customised action plans and proven property portfolio strategies using PROPERTY FACTS and FIGURES so you can:

  • Be elevate to financial freedom
  • Grow your property portfolio through clever property investment plans
  • Generate passive income or savings
  • Maintain cash reserve funds
  • Retire with a secured safety net
routemap for property portfolio

Outcome Of Our Consultancy

Each person is in different stages of their investment journey, with different levels of risk comfort, with different needs and desired outcome.  Some of the achievements that we have done for our customers are:

  • An Analysis for you to understand your financial position
  • Structured Plan to find the Current Undervalued Properties, analysing factors such as right entry price, rentability, transformation and many others
  • Property Investment Roadmap with planned phases and timeline
  • Plan to Enter and Exit from the Market at the right time

Marketing plans to sell your property with exposure to a closely knitted network to reach potential buyers and tenants including the execution of virtual viewings during this lockdown restrictions.

blurb graphics.005

Proprietary Tech Tools

There have been several changes in the financial policies set by the authorities and get the results based on the constant changing laws have been very challenging.  In the end, we had to resort to developing Proprietary Tech Tools for simulation in guiding us for:

  • The Various Types of Stamp Duties,
  • Term Loans,
  • Property Pledging Capability,
  • Potential Sales Proceed with Return on Equity,
  • Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR)
  • Presenting you with options from Plan A to Plan G and uniquely
  • Risk Analysis with Best and Worst Scenarios
the plan ahead.001

Let's Get Started

Once you have decided that you want to take action on our journey together for a Smart Property Portfolio, let’s have a chat.  Typically, the process will be as follows:

  • 1. Consultancy

    • Getting to know each other
    • Finding the fit between us
    • No sales talk

  • 2. Fundamental of Singapore Real Estate

    • Have a clear understanding of Singapore Property Market
    • Understand the various trends
    • Understand how the market works

  • 3. Sorting Objectives

    • Have a deeper understanding of your stage in life, your needs and goals
    • Look at possible milestones
    • Look in mid and long term plans

  • 4. Clearing Doubts And Misconceptions

    • Clarify any doubts or hear-say
    • Clear any misconceptions
    • Paving the way to go forward

  • 5. Affordability

    • Gather information for a financial plan
    • Using our tech tool to produce the results
    • Go deeper on possible routes for an investment route map

  • 6. Embarking On A Plan

    • Start taking action
    • Adhere to timeline
    • Possible viewings and purchase


A Great Property Portfolio Starts Here


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